Kerin Bowen: Painter & Massage Therapist
Stay as free as you can
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Surrender, June 30, 2016, Brooklyn

It was a beautiful Thursday summer night in New York City. The time of year when everything slows down to match the humidity and the hot beating sun. And everybody's happy. In June everybody is happy. It's all light all the time. Even the dark nights are fun. 

So the stars aligned on this particular evening and brought together a group of artists; musicians Jon Isaac Hagen, Carissa Matsushima, Shay Day and Kyle Hazelton and painters Kerin Bowen, Edythe Hughes, Ron Silver, Nicola Tranquillino (his work, while was away in Italy) and Karl Larsen. 

The scene couldn't have been more peaceful. Low lights, art all over the room, "Leaves" by Shay Day, The Healing singing their songs and a meditation station.

The show was hosted by Jason Riker and his wife, Ginger Riker at Riker Studio.

Jason himself described the show as "a diverse, positive experience." 

While Sandra Bowen called it "an artsy art show."

And Edythe Hughes of Voices of Fashion described Bowen's performance as "painting NYC with her light, love and meditations."

As the launch event for the community-based business, Free The Artists, Surrender serves as the prototype for future events. The idea of artists collaborating freely and showcasing their art with a foundation of respect is what Bowen and her artist friends practice on a daily basis, not just in the spotlight.

Though the show has passed, Surrender remains a constant theme in all of these artists' lives. Surrender to the art. Surrender to the creative process. Surrender to your purpose. Surrender to love and freedom and let them guide you through life. 

Free The Artists looks forward to its next event, and hopes to see all of you there.

In gratitude,

Stay as free as you can!